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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Our Blog

We decdied to create a blog to more informally communicate with all our stakeholders!


Blogger CaptainBiorhythm said...

Dear George,
I have been a biorhythm safety consultant since 1971, using many different types of software over the years. I have worked with professional skateboarders in the 70s, the San Diego Soccers and Chargers between 1980-1981, alternative medicine doctors and their patients for over 27 years and many successful business people.

Your new biorhythm software is simply amazing. It is incredible to work with biorhythm software that was written by someone who actually understands the effects of biorhythms, historic bioenergetic cycles discovered and followed for over 2000 years and the moon's gravitational field on human emotions and physical performance.

Lunacy, when people go crazy during the full moon, is actually a commonly accepted fact...just ask your local police.

Your option to include custom cycles is awesome. The other major cycle that in particular affects women is their menstrual cycle that is 29 days in length. It has a huge impact on women.

There is no bigger potential for radical experiences both good and bad than when the physical, emotional, intellectual and intuitive cycles are crossing over the center line of balance, peaking or bottoming out, combining with a full moon, massive solar flares and hormonal imbalances.

Yikes! Women would be light years ahead of their female friends and more balanced if they just know how and when natural biological cycles were creating instability in their lives and those of their spouse, children, grandkids and employees.

Biorhythmically yours,
Captain Biorhythm

August 16, 2007 11:34 AM


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